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Recipe by Tenina Holder




When you are in a hurry for an easy dessert, this is your go to! Just make sure you have the Brew Choc on hand (along with excellent chocolate) and you are away. This is designed for the most mousse-phobic of cooks. Any high speed blender will do it justice! The high heat of the brewed chocolate will cook your eggs. Talk about easy!

Cue the whipped cream and fruit of choice, (though raspberries are always nice and I especially love the freeze dried ones as they add a bit of texture as well!)


250 grams Brew Choc boiling hot brewed liquid

200 grams Chocolate white in pieces

400 grams chocolate dark in pieces

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

250 grams pure cream plus some more for garnish

1 punnet fresh raspberries to serve


Prepare the Brew Choc by following brewing instructions on pack. You need 50g granules per 1L water approx. So 2 tbsp for 250g brewed liquid. Keep it as hot as possible.

Place both chocolates into a food processor and mill to a powder. Add eggs and blend well.

Add vanilla and boiling hot brewed Brew Choc with the blender running if possible.

Blend 2 minutes until smooth and creamy. Scrape down sides of bowl and lid.

Add cream and blend to combine and aerate.


Divide between serving glasses or bowls and refrigerate until set.


Serve with fresh raspberries, freshly whipped cream and some Brew Choc granules for garnish.

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